Defiance deadens my soul

“Being wrong has never felt so right…”

It’s a thought that makes me shiver. What kind of lies are we deluded by to enable us to think that we will not be destroyed by such choices?

I know that worldviews like this shouldn’t be a surprise, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating to think about. I can’t help questioning what I hear, searching for the light of some deeper reality that we don’t readily see.

Why are we so intent on ruining our one chance at life? Why is living for ourselves so much more appealing than living without the threat of death? What are we thinking?

Acting on broken thoughts; gorging ourselves on philosophies devoid of meaning — we have nothing because we miss Christ. But we like this lack of true potential for the liberty we in managing it; after all, our greatest fear is in knowing fullness that in some way requires us to be emptied. Truly we are missing the whole nature and delight of pure and unadulterated life.

If we knew the cost of this defiance of our own deepest cravings, would we continue on so debilitating a path?

2 thoughts on “Defiance deadens my soul

  1. Going through this post, I honestly think that you own the precise knoeledge of what are you deliberating.I seriously wish to congratulate you for zeal for the work you own that has made you stand today on this height.Genuinely,there has not been even a time that I have visited your post and went without acquiring some good information.Get Going.And yes i have bookmarked your site .

    1. I am overwhelmed; God does things in me and through me that only He could do! His ways are perfect; there have been many growing pains that have preceded the Word of God and His truth becoming a part of me as it has. It daily amazes me how much God intends for His ways to take root in us; He promises that in Christ — the fulfillment of His redemption covenant — that He would put His Spirit within us and cause us to walk in His statutes and be careful to obey His rules. He will cause us to remember our evil ways and loathe ourselves for our iniquities and abominations. Then the fact that He blesses and redeems us will be known as one great act our God has done one behalf of the greatness of His name and not ours.

      The whole thing is humbling; I rejoice with you that you have been blessed by our Father with what He has given me to write — only He could do this!! šŸ™‚ I will look forward to hearing from you in the future. Walk with God and watch wonder in His ways take possession of your heart. ā¤

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