What do you want to be: dead or alive?

What do you want your life to be? It’s that question that runs along behind us wherever we go, chattering all the time: “Is this what you need right now? Is this going to get you where you want to be? Is this really working out for you, or is there an easier/better option?”

We want the best for ourselves, but what is that? We are all racing to figure that out, but where has it led us? Regardless of whether our life is more pleasant or purposeful today than it was ten or even twenty years ago is not the point.

There is so much more to life than goals and speed and efficiency and success. Life is a person. If life as you know it is still measured by you — who you are and what you do — than you haven’t met Him yet. Let me have the pleasure of introducing you; in fact, I’ll even let Him speak for Himself:

Hello, lost one. I have been looking for you.

No, I didn’t lose you, but you lost Me — so I have been doing everything I can to get you home.

That’s right. Home. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? That’s where I am. That’s where you belong. And considering how long it’s been since you’ve felt what that is like, it’s about time.

See, in all the time that you’ve been missing I’ve seen you walking around with a broken heart, and it’s broken Mine. I don’t want that for you; that’s why I did something about it.

I died. No, I’m not a nihilist. I know completely the sanctity and meaning of life. I am Life. But, I died because you did not have Life.

It is so important to me that you know Me and live forever with Me, that I died, going into the death you live out and rising up out of it, that I might bring you out with Me.

You have an adversary and an internal dictator that you are powerless to dethrone. But, I hate him and the sin you commit under his rule far more than you.

So much so that I took your place under him and defeated him. Now I am calling you to come live in Me and you will get acquainted with the freedom I have bought you at Calvary.

You can’t make a judgment on what I’m offering you by comparing what I say with anything you have experienced because this is not like any of that.

I want so much for you than what you can get by living life your way. You don’t even know where you’re going, for heaven’s sake!

No, instead I want you to trust Me more than you do yourself or any of the other voices you have been listening to. I am living, everyone else is dead.

Only I can save you from dangers you have not yet seen since I have stood in your place for the ones you can’t fight.

Take Me and I will transform all that you are and can hope to be: I will be your Life and the Hope of all you want to be already complete.

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