The peek – a – boo problem

When is the last time you played peek – a – boo? Can I guess? Was it yesterday? When God was looking for you, could you be found, or were you too busy forgetting enjoying your hiding spot?

Has it been so long that you are afraid you could finally decide to pop out and He would be no where to be found? Are you afraid that He has forgotten your name because you no longer here it being called by the voice you’ll recognize? Is it easier to believe that He has forgotten you and run off to do something more interesting because you can’t admit that you forgot, even for a moment about Him, being so busy running away?

Why do we play peek – a – boo anyway? It’s a game that has its nitch in toddler tantrums and frightened faces of hurt children. Isn’t it time that we lay down this way of relating to God and let Him show us how an adult act with Him?

I think it would be worth it. Even if we felt discomfort so strongly we got knots in our stomachs and were so self-conscious that our hands shook to shield our faces from the surprises we might find in the unexplored aspects of relationship with God.

But, what if we felt all that, acknowledged it, but went ahead to meet God on a mysterious and higher plane anyway? What would we find? Perhaps some watching us go after Him would hear our scream when the foliage around the bend eclipsed us from their view. But, what a pity to them that not having gone with us, they could not here the sigh that followed and the peace that settled on our soul.

There is too much ahead to miss. Too many unseen wonders to pretend we haven’t heard that they exist. Too strong a desire within us to know and explore more for us to safely turn His offer down.

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