So what do you think of the deal?

Will you take the chance? Don’t excuse yourself by speaking of the sacrifice, the burden, the distance it will make you go. You have a choice. Use this priceless gift and make the best one you can.

Perhaps you have been reading about the cost of following God, of truly getting to know Him, and while it pulls at those unfamiliar deep places of your soul, you can’t think of saying yes. You want more, but at the same time, less. You will take the world if its handed to you, but if you have to work to see any part of it, you will stalk back into your tiny corner and sulk. No, it is not worth your time and effort; you would be more comfortable simply staying where you are.

Never mind that it’s really not serving you to be there. Give no second thought to the fact that your loyalty is a sacrifice, a hardship in itself. Your present position is truly an inconvenient place from which to reach the goals that you have marked in your mind.

Remaining behind, and shoving off God’s call on your life is saying good bye to all you might have known of the best in life. You will never know what it means to really live so long as you keep your own boundaries. Boundaries conceived in the idea of liberty with no death, no sacrifice, no joy and no peace can offer you no life.

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