The two “I”s critical to Ministry

Have you ever tried to work for God and felt like you weren’t getting very far? Not that it was God’s fault really, you just kept noticing how inadequate you are.

I find myself taking account of myself and my service to God a lot. Too much.

But, I don’t think that’s really what God had in mind when He called us into relationship with Him. I believe that serving and sharing the hope that we have with others was meant to spring from the heart. Yet, at the same time, it is often these very opportunities to do “God’s work” that make us most aware of how devoid our hearts are of love and holiness.

But with God as the One Who has called us into a work of His holiness — that has been going on since before we came on the scene — we must conclude that these realizations of our weakness were deliberately provided for us by God Himself. For, isn’t our usefulness in our humility, our Spirit-dominated predisposition to see Him and His glory before our own?

If working for God produced any other, more self-exalting consciousness in us, would it not surely become a false mission that would live according to us, while still boasting movement for Him?

The more God moves me ahead in the work He has provided for me to do in Him, the more crucial that last phrase “in Him” becomes. I am doing a work that I can’t lead, for results that I can’t produce. Where is there room in this activity for anything but faith?

Faith enables me to come to know God in such a way that His ways are known and enacted in me to the advancement of His pleasure.

Faith reminds me that the whole scheme of my life and legacy is no longer wholly contingent on me because Jesus Christ already did the very best thing that could be boasted of in these areas.

He took the crown for accomplishments and heroism with such a flare of substance and transcendence that I cannot compete. Rather, I die so that He might live. There is no longer any such thing as what I do, but what He does in and through me. I wait on Him, I delight in Him, and I desire above all things that He would so satisfy my soul — as I hold it up to Him — that others would be drawn to the One Who wells up within me. That is ministry.

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