So you like Love, do you?

Love is trumpeted the world over as the ideal/emotion most capable of inspiring mankind. It is a gift, and the most fulfilling reality we know on this earth.

But, what about when love comes to us disguised? When we don’t immediately recognize it in its initial form, we often give no thought to immediately turning away from it.

How little we know of all the ways we run from love! We claim to be enamored with it, but act in ways that compromise our commitment to experiencing the real thing.

The Son of God came to us in the form of a lowly servant — a man without a face or physique that we should recognize as glorious. His manner was also unlike anything our world or we can boast.

He did not come to show that God has finally came around to our way of thinking, or impress us with His willingness to negotiate a mutually agreeable arrangement for peace. He will not compromise His law, or bow down His character to us. His aim is so far above submitting Himself to our expectations of God — including displays of obsequious love and undying respect for our demands.

Rather, He has done us the greatest service imaginable in entering into our mess and treating us like what we are: people broken and beaten by our rebellion against God.  He sees that we are separated from Him by our own self-destructing choices, and He has come to reveal the choice that He has made to deliver us from them. It is the choice that has the power to save and change our lives.

The rescue, and subsequent transformation, of our hearts is the key to lives that may be lived to the full, unlimited by death.

But how many of us truly know about these dynamics? We know plenty about changing our lives, and altering our behavior, but what have we ever experienced of heart-alteration?

To tell you the truth, we have and will not know until we have known Jesus Christ who alone is capable of making such a difference in us.

If we do not know Christ according to experiential and spiritual knowledge that transcends merely amassing information about Him, we will never truly know what any of this means.

How many of us walk away from the chance to be forever changed, because God didn’t garb Himself in ambitions that naturally align with our own.

He did not come near to us, to pleasantly assure us that all our problems can be easily cleared up because they are entirely external. He is not here to agree with us that there is nothing inherently wrong with us or how we approach God. What could be the ultimate gain for us in this? How would this glorify Him?

A Being who would not dare to defy our means of self-expression and god-devoid pleasures would not be worthy of following. If He is not unmovable in His commitment to His righteousness — to declare His judgments and to develop it in us — there would be no sense in trusting Him as He would not be truly good.

But this is not the case with Him: He is absolutely good, and all His judgments are perfect; therefore, we are not free to exercise disbelief without inheriting undesirable consequences.

Let us then, open ourselves up to love that is what we really need; let us move beyond the fear of never getting what we want and instead discover what true love offers us in God.

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