I obey, and this is what I get!

So, what’s the worst thing that could come from obeying God? Think of the most awful thing He could ask You to do, and then write it down.

Okay, now that we’ve taken a deep breath, we are ready to invite God into this little exercise. What, Father, is the harm in following You?

Yes, believe it or not, we can be this open with God. He would rather hear these thoughts that possess our hearts, than be forced to wrestle with silence that keeps us apart.

You see, He knows what it is you and I spend our time thinking and fearing and trying to pretend doesn’t exist. We think that if we let God in, He will either condemn us for our lack of faith or prove our ignorance by making our worst nightmare come true.

But, we must consider: Are there really any nightmares with Christ? Hasn’t He come to overpower the darkness and make void the lies that hold us in captivity?

If this is true, then can we really curse Him for accomplishing this in ways that we do not understand? Isn’t it the light that scares us more than the darkness, and the truth more than the lies?

Let’s be honest here, it’s not that anything that God could ask us to do would be so unexpectedly wretched, but that everything would be intentionally set up to be redeemed.

Walking with Christ, there can be no limits to what He asks of us, where He chooses to lead. Because we know Him, we have no excuse for disbelief and resistance.

No, He is perfect; He is pure; His knowledge cannot be searched out; and His purposes are absolute. Where do we have to run from that? To maintain our trifling control, we must beg to remain ignorant and purposely uninvolved. If we don’t, He will woo us, and every part of us will strain to respond to the One who brought us into being and filled us with the breath of His life.

And would this One who first conceived us, then rescued us from the curse of our rebellion against Him, turn against us, to destroy us in the end? No, this would undermine His marvelous character, His great plan. We are His worshipers, whom He has gathered and regenerated to rejoice in His holiness and boast in His mercies.

And from this our obedience springs — not from grudging duty, but from unrestrained love. When we know the Son, and get close enough to glimpse the ways of the Father working from the throne of heaven, we long to be connected; this is where we belong, and these activities of His are what we were meant to do with Him.

So we do God’s acts because we join God’s plan. We see His objectives, and are schooled in His motives until all doubt in us has lost its place to the love that wells up within us. This is the worst that can happen in obeying God — we would lose the doubt and fear that we have always known and still so comfortably believe. Oh, WHAT a loss!

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