Reviewing “The Science of Happiness”

I was reading the above titled article on happiness in an old Time magazine today — something I don’t often do — when I realized just how faithful God has been to me in all the many ways He has given me, both biologically and through spiritual growth, to be able to deal with ongoing realities of life that make me feel unhappy, and sometimes deflated.

I truly have so much to be thankful for, not because my life is wonderful or because I have reached that point of being fully satisfied with myself, but because of HIM. He really is the thing in all this that makes life worth living and continuing — for me, and also for you. Don’t believe me? Then try Him for yourself.

I do not promise that your life will become perfect, or your entire personality will be made still, but He will increase your life, and make you know what it was really meant to be.

I’m determined to watch steps and tongue so they won’t land me in trouble.
I decided to hold my tongue
as long as Wicked is in the room.
“Mum’s the word,” I said, and kept quiet.
But the longer I kept silence
The worse it got—
my insides got hotter and hotter.
My thoughts boiled over;
I spilled my guts.

“Tell me, what’s going on, God?
How long do I have to live?
Give me the bad news!
You’ve kept me on pretty short rations;
my life is string too short to be saved.
Oh! we’re all puffs of air.
Oh! we’re all shadows in a campfire.
Oh! we’re just spit in the wind.
We make our pile, and then we leave it.

“What am I doing in the meantime, Lord?
Hoping, that’s what I’m doing—hoping
You’ll save me from a rebel life,
save me from the contempt of dunces.
I’ll say no more, I’ll shut my mouth,
since you, Lord, are behind all this.
But I can’t take it much longer.
When you put us through the fire
to purge us from our sin,
our dearest idols go up in smoke.
Are we also nothing but smoke?

“Ah, God, listen to my prayer, my
cry—open your ears.
Don’t be callous;
just look at these tears of mine.
I’m a stranger here. I don’t know my way—
a migrant like my whole family.
Give me a break, cut me some slack
before it’s too late and I’m out of here.”

Psalm 39