Maintaining Hope

Some days are harder than others for maintaining hope. But, maybe that’s the problem, maybe we’re not supposed to maintain hope at all — to expect it to look the same for us each and every day — maybe it’s supposed to maintain us.

I like to believe that I can hold onto hope and make it wax as large as I like, but on days when it’s harder to hope, I wonder that I seem to be on the verge of falling apart. But, maybe I have always been in a danger I didn’t realize because I thought I was so resourceful in my optimism and cheer.

Maybe I shouldn’t be afraid when hope seems to come at a higher price on days when I would rather it was cheap enough to buy up enough shares to feel a cushy level of secure again. Maybe hope seems so expensive because it is so rare — only seeming like there was enough to go around forever.

The truth is, only Christ is enough, and has enough for us to be able to go on forever. Why? Because this very world is held together by the breath of His mouth and the Word of His lips. Not one of us is an accident waiting to be forsaken, but a creation God made on purpose to showcase His faithfulness.

He lets our hopes fail us, so that we don’t have to live in ignorance of His infallible mercies anymore.

Then, if this be so, may God let me be able to let go of all these empty hopes — idols that promise me life in certain quantities, but limit my expectations of and delight in God — and hope, instead, because my Source is not short-handed and will never become obsolete. You will always refresh Me with your living water, God, filling my cup to overflowing when I ask. Thank You for teaching me, again, how to ask for what I didn’t realize I needed above so many other things.

2 thoughts on “Maintaining Hope

    1. Oh, Katherine, thank you! I am praising my God for His faithfulness to encourage me through comments from you and others these last few days. Thanks, for including that verse. I needed that. I think I will put it into one of the upcoming chapters of the book I’m working on right now.

      I hope the Lord showers you with blessings that come with knowing Him well, at the cost of possessing all other things.

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