You Call This Beautiful?

I have become convinced that my life will never be pretty — at least not according to the guidelines that I believe make something beautiful. Too many things have been broken — including my pride — and through it all God is making me understand that so much of what I would like to hold onto really doesn’t matter.

I don’t have to be the most popular person among the people I know, I don’t have to have the most enviable life, family, friends, or social engagements. I can just be grateful for and enjoy what specific blessings God has given me, and not charge Him with wrong, for the ones that seem to yet elude me.

I wasn’t born with a picture-perfect package, but I am not a picture-perfect person. I need the life- and family-package that God has given me to mold me into a person who does not cling to outward displays of perfection, but one who is able to accept trials from the Lord and still bless His name.

I need to have tribulations that make me long for heaven so much it hurts and tests that make me question why and for whom I live. I need to have pressures that teach me what to let go of and Who I must hold onto.

In life there really is no either/or propositions when it comes to experiencing true, abounding life. I must abide in Christ. I must choose to cling to Him no matter what He allows to come my way. Why? Because I have no other choice — to live I must choose Life.


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