What I Thought I Wanted

How many times can you remember when you thought you knew what you wanted, but something happened to change your mind. Or maybe, like me, at the moment you are thinking about something you were once adamant about not wanting, but have since changed your mind about.

Right now I could actually name a few things I didn’t think I wanted…let’s see: a facebook account, greater exposure to rap music, a solo writing career and a blog. That list is actually a very modest representative of the full-length, many faceted list that God seems to be constantly revising for me.

I don’t want Him to make so many changes in what I value, but I do want Him to make me value Him more. And, so far this extensive modification is doing the trick quite well. Yes, He knows what He’s doing!

He keeps changing what things that I believe to pose no real problem for me just as they are. Yet, I have to regularly ask myself, what do I know about what is absolutely necessary for me?

No, it is not what I’m used to, what I expect, or what I can do — it is what I have in Him.

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