Oh, Come Surrender!

Growing in God takes work. Work that comes with the richest of rewards. Yet sometimes we feel like the rewards aren’t worth the work. We see it as an extra expense of time, energy, and commitment. We don’t want to invite anything else into our lives other than what we already have overwhelming us. Focusing on spiritual growth seems to promise the pressure that finally sinks us.

We want a break from all these things that steal our precious emotional, mental and physical resources. We already have a lot going on; who needs more, right?

I know. I’ve been there. And, yet, I’ve since been beyond there too. I have seen God answer prayers for Him to put the life of my spirit on the front burner, while He also made sure that everything else that was simmering in my life wouldn’t boil over and burn me.

Well, contrary to my expectations when I first surrendered my stove top to God, He has been able to do so much more than keep everything going — He has taken care of me and made my greatest needs priority over all the little things I was always harried by trying to keep right. As I relied on Him, He enabled my spirit to grow. As I watched His strength and love on display for me each day, I learned what a joy dependence is when it is known in Him.

An understanding of how life was meant to be lived has come out of this. Every day I learn what it means to live secondary to God, dependent upon Him for everything that I need. I don’t have to rush ahead and make sure I have lined up everything I need for tomorrow. I can rest. I work on what He gives me today, and let Him do all the planning for my tomorrows. After all, tell me who is already there?

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