Misplaced Dread

The mountains and the valleys of life…Do you ever wonder why they’re there?

I do. I wonder why my time on the mountainous terrain isn’t more extensive and why some of my “valley” seasons can’t be more easily cut short.

Yet the more time I have spent in the valley, the more I wonder why I dread it so — this station where joy rises with the morning and where real worship begins. It is here that I can most effectively take leave of myself and learn what it means to cling to Him while holding nothing back.

It is when I am aware that I am making my ascent — closing in on my next peak — that am most tempted to push and shove; to insist that God get “out of my way” so I see all that I’ve been missing while so far below. But it is in the valley that I become the most patient. I realize that I cannot push God around and I have no reason to expect to get my way. I learn what it really means to say that God is good. And I discover grace is not a luxury, but a daily support I cannot press on without.

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