Greater Things

That last post reminds me of the Next conference coming up on the Memorial Day weekend, this May. The whole theme is on God and how great and infinite He is. How my imagination needs to be stretched to contemplate these things!

It’s amazing to me how small the things are that my mind runs on in a normal day. I think a me-centered universe is all there is — all there really needs to be. How conceited!

But, this is what I get when I think that going on what I come up with in my so infinitesimally small brain is all the depth of judgment I need. Yet, how real is this for us as men and women? Who are we more aware of then ourselves?

But, greater still, what if the most amazing things about who we are and what we can accomplish would put us in awe of Someone more than we ourselves? What if we could look around and find God at work in us, accomplishing all the good we would far rather take credit for ourselves?

We would not diminish ourselves, but make more of who we are and what we could yet be, because of who Christ is already.

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