Closer Look

I wanted to look closer at my life, until we (God and I) did. I thought God could only approve of me if I held onto my pride, believing that I was good enough to be okay-ed by Him. But, God didn’t agree. He didn’t have any need for my pride, much less a desire to allow it to hang around.

I, on the other-hand was perfectly fine with that arrangement. I needed my pride — it went with me, it made me, it helped m…Yes, it was just all together necessary to who I am and what I do.

Yet, God was insistent that He didn’t need it. He couldn’t call it an asset because it was so much of a spiritual liability — requiring frequent payments of interest and hefty fees for continued management. He didn’t want that; a lenient treatment of it now would only serve to hurt us both more later.

So, with my best interests at His heart, He suggested surgery. But, not realizing His heart could be so generous to me, and still disagree with my own, I resisted. I do not relish going under the knife. I see it is an act that precedes death, an approach often deemed ill-conceived later.

Yet, I’ve found that God doesn’t see heart-surgery that way at all. It is His hands that operate; and it is sin that He must remove. The transformation in this case is not like cosmetic surgery chosen to improve an already favorable appearance, but an emergency treatment to cut off the threat of harm to other organs and the spread of death.

And He does not deem this as harmless or painless, for He knows what I don’t: to be effectual it must be painful, making me aware of the harm I should otherwise be left to cope with on my own.

So, taking a closer look at me, and what needs to be done, leads to a closer look at Him, the One I need to do it.

4 thoughts on “Closer Look

      1. I am so grateful to God for arranging your circumstances to bless you like that! And thank you so much for your encouragement. I appreciate what you’re doing, and the comments you’ve left me. It has all been a gift. Thank you.


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