One Thing…

I like walking on the beach when it’s windy and cold, and dusk is quickly coming on; the sun has all but disappeared behind an endless expanse of sea, and I feel so small before all this depth of sky, sea and shore.

I like things that make me wonder, and teach me that there is so much I just will never know…

Yet, one thing I do know; one thing all that is greater than I can never take away — I have within my heart the life-defining Spirit of the Earth-Breather and Heaven-Christen-er.

The voices of external forces whisper that I am nothing, and internal voices scream “this world is too big to face for someone so small” — but this mighty Spirit, almost imperceptible within my heart, tells me that I am His.

I belong to the Star-Sustain-er, the Wind-Reviver, the Life-Protector, the Eternity-Divider. And somehow, in some inescapable manner, I belong to His earth-shattering, heaven-establishing plan. We all do — whether you have been running from God for longer than you can remember, or coming to Him with too many broken-pieces-of-who-could-have-been to count, you belong here.

God is a God who does not shy away from problems or complicated births, deaths and anniversaries. He is able to enter into all of it with us, and build a bridge from the rubble of our hearts to the beauty of being wholly His. You may not be there yet, but as long as you’ll let Him be with you now, He will certainly make your end more blessed than the good you began with.

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