A Lanuage I Can’t Translate

Why do I feel like I always have to be running when I don’t really have anywhere to go? Why does being still and waiting feel so abnormal, when I need direction anyway? No matter how far I come in my relationship with God, His ways will still be foreign territory to me; a language I can’t translate without Him near to replace my insight with His.

There are so many things I want to have Him involved with in my life, yet my first reaction when I see Him in something is always, “Oh, God, You’re messing everything up!”

Why are my plans and ambitions so important to me; so much more important to me than what He has had planned for me since before time began? You would think with all that time and all that infinite wisdom, He would know a thing or two, and I would revere that, but is that like me? No.

I get excited at the good ideas I come up with for myself, and try to shelter them from damage. But is letting them be replaced really a bad thing? Especially when God sees down the road and knows where I would be going if I followed plans that offer me such a foggy hope.

Yes, God knows best…if only He would continue to make my heart know and live by that too!

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