Taking Over

This morning I’m thinking about heaven — what I wrote about a lot last night — and death — my uncle just died this morning — and about what we can get from this world while we live in it.

Think about it, the devil doesn’t care what we have in this world, so long as we don’t have it in God. We can be the richest people in the world, with no one even near our range of wealth, and this will hardly bother our adversary. He is concerned with our souls — just as God is, though with far different intent — not our pocketbooks.

Satan rejoices when we are succeeding and moving ahead in the status of this world, forgetting about the incomparable reality of heaven and living with Christ. We can boast in all that we have now, until it is no more, and we see how much we never really had. Or, we can choose to boast in Christ now, that later we might have the joy of discovering that all the time we possessed far more than we ever realized. This is grace — a gift from God we don’t deserve, and will never fully comprehend until this world has faded and we stand in the next.

If it is truly our future, let us put ourselves in a position for it to take over our present, and redefine our past. I want to have a heaven-hopeful existence so that the hopeless around me in this world will not miss the certainty we can expect with Christ in the next.

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