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I like to think that my life will turn out perfectly, or at least a lot better than I expected, if I walk with God and make His ways my own. But, that really isn’t the promise. When we choose to walk with Him, He doesn’t say that this world will become the heaven we were made for beyond this world.

Why do I, why do we, think that this world and its treasures have to satisfy us? Why aren’t we inclined to look higher; to base the success and sustainability of our lives on treasures that are bigger than we can see now? Is it because we are impatient? Or is it because we don’t have enough faith to live for more than what is entirely tangible?

I know that I often fall into that category. But, God is teaching me to live differently these days. He is showing me that I don’t have enough, living by what I see more than by what I have in Him. There is so much that He has in store for me — both for the present and for eternity — that I cannot see, but must believe in to experience the joy it offers. I want to live in the reality of who God is, and what a benefit beyond measure it is to simply know Him.

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