Seeing and Believing

Perhaps hurting makes room for more joy — that raw, rare quality of the Holy Spirit that arrests our spirits with other-worldly delight in a God we cannot yet see. In body we have not obtained His resurrection, but our spirits need not be so constrained. Let us experience the fullness of His resurrection life.

There is always new life to be experienced with Christ, despite what trials may seem to dictate for our present reality. In Christ these temporary sorrows are always suspiciously irrelevant when we consider His joys to be had in the midst of them.

With each passing test of faith and endurance we must learn to recognize a God-ordained opportunity to grow, to go to new levels with Him in eternity’s most crucial relationship. Let us bless Him for that regardless of how sin and sorrow might startle and attempt to unwind us today. We cannot expect to be able to anticipate what thanksgiving will look like for our future, but we can give Him everything we have to give right now. Our Lord is eager to receive all that we are, as we are, without cosmetic work. May this lift your soul with unrehearsed praise; we are not fettered by His expectations of us, but graciously encouraged.

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