Here I Am, Let Me Stand

The Lord has been working on my heart a lot in the last few days — bolstering me with hope where I find that all my normal hopes are drowning in the water. Yet, He keeps showing Himself to be insistent on raising me in His hope. It seems a cruel thing that He would divorce me from all other hopes, but gracious when I see what He would marry me to now.

He’s brought me to His Word again and again; sinking in my own philosophies, needing to be rescued with His life-preserver. The last two days a single verse has relieved the tension created by unbelief and increased the satisfaction I find in moving on in faith — despite what I can’t see:

But you who held fast to the LORD your God are all alive today.

Deuteronomy 4:4

One little verse has been all I needed; God has been proving to me that His Word truly is life to me. True life begins on the inside, not dependent on what goes on on the outside, but on what we hold onto on the inside. The way I react to what goes on on the outside reveals what I am truly believing internally.

I have been entertaining myself with ideas that do not truly form a worthy foundation. They all work okay when I can just get by, without having them tested, but when I need them to be proved strong, I find that they have no real basis in the Word that alone stands forever:

A voice says, “Shout!”
I said, “What shall I shout?”

“These people are nothing but grass,
their love fragile as wildflowers.
The grass withers, the wildflowers fade,
if God so much as puffs on them.
Aren’t these people just so much grass?
True, the grass withers and the wildflowers fade,
but our God’s Word stands firm and forever.”

Isaiah 40:6-8

Make me think, Your thoughts, Lord God, let me not run on my own steam, treasuring my own explanations and executions in this life. I stand on nothing but You; let it be wholly on Your truth that I position myself, that I may trust no other. Reduce, yes, destroy all that I treasure without dependence on Your wisdom.

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