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Elaine has been passionate about writing and communication from the age of six. She enjoys studying God through His Word and His acts. Her desire is to open a window to share all that God can mean to each of us. She prays you will be blessed by God's love for you as you read.

God is not a caught-it-all-on-paper God

God has me in a place where I am compelled to ask for more than I would ever dare to otherwise. Is that not a good thing?

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I cry because I dreamed hope was more than You

I cry because I can’t understand, I cry because it doesn’t seem fair that I should be put through this again. I cry because what I dreamed seems so far away. But You’re here assuring me that things are different … Continue reading

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Are You sure You’re enough for me, Lord?

I thought I needed You, but along with a lot of other things. Well, some of those things have come, some have not, and some were taken from what I already had. Through it all, You are left. I guess … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned: The Programmer is about to be revealed!

Stay tuned. This is not about what you’re missing out on today, but about what you’ll recognize as blessing tomorrow.

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Wholeness isn’t about needing God less…

can it Be that You promise to make my heart Still, at the same time As You give Your consent to the stirring up of Every anxiety that hides beneath the surface of my tender Little heart? how can You … Continue reading

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What ifs might beat the rewards we find in bliss

What if You chose to make me like You, more than You chose to make me pleased with never feeling the need to question the sanity of Your behavior or ask why Your heart doesn’t agree with mine. Maybe change, … Continue reading

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What if Your love…changed my questions?

What if Your love is not meant to be contained in a single day, or revealed in the answer to a solitary prayer? What if Your love is bigger, deeper than the bite-sized portions I make of my life, when … Continue reading

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How can I fear what’s ahead?

You’re the life I need in every stage of life… You’re the Master whom every season which claims me must obey. How can I fear what my life will be, when You are the One giving the final word on … Continue reading

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Transformation happens close to home; open the door

I’m not who I used to be… I didn’t think You could make transformations like this happen so close to home. But where did I think such miracles would take place if not among those You love?

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Can grief agree with me?

I thought You had to save the day or I would die. Even if my body didn’t crumble under the grief of what I’m going through, I was sure my heart would faint. I am not built for disappointments or … Continue reading

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